HELP - character rotation lock

Hey so I am trying to make my character stay in the direction it is in once I move but it automatically reverts to looking forward. I can move around perfectly fine and my character will also move in the direction that I tell it to move (for example, if I press the D key, the character will turn right as it moves). However, as soon as I stop moving the character, as mentioned before, it reverts back to looking forward. However, what I want it to do is that when I press the D key for example, the character moves right and then when I stop pressing the key, it continues to look right.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:
(Note: I am trying to build a third person game and the camera is locked in place so the player does not have control over where they can look. I also attempted to activate the setting orientation rotation to motion but it just ended up changing the rotation of the camera and I still had the same problem on top of a new problem that the directions of the animations were messed up )