[Help] Character just vibrates in place unless jumping

So I added new Animations to my animation Blueprint but on going to play the game my character moves an inch a minute, unless I am jumping or attacking.
My walking speed is 600 so it’s not that

Hey! You shoulf post a screenshot about the anim blueprint you are using. Can be a lot of different stuff. My guess would be that the original animation was a rootmotion one which gets the movement from the animation not the movement component. Open the original animation and check in the detail panel if the rootmotion checkbox is ticked or not.

it is a root motion does that root character in place?

Thank you i turned of root motion and it unrooted the character now i just need to figure out how to get the animation from moving away from character’s current position

I figured it out i need to root motion the animations but set the animation bp to no root motion extraction