Help changing skeletal mesh.

I need a bit of help with setting the mesh on a BP actor. I have a game instance BP to host or join a lobby/map/game whatever logic. In that game instance BP I have two bool’s one for a male char and one for female char. I probably only need one but I made two anyway. So when you select the character from the character select UI it casts to the game instance and sets the male or female bool to true. Inside the character BP that the player controls is where I have the logic to change the mesh based on whatever the bool’s true/false value is (currently using only the male true/false with a branch). If I set a custom event to swap these and make them replicate to server than the server can see the mesh changes but the client cannot. If I multicast the mesh change than the client can see the changes and not the server. Maybe I am doing this wrong and there is an easier/better way? Thanks in advance.