Help changing obelisk color

So I’m trying to add a 4th obelisk to my map. I figured I would just make it yellow. I am able to change everything pretty easily except for the particle system (PS_Ob03_CDWN_InHeat).

I have changed the color of the material it uses but that didn’t do anything. I tried changing values in Color Over Life+ but that also didn’t do anything. I have tried to do the same for all of the emitters and haven’t been able to change it. Just wondering if anyone knows what I might be missing. Thanks.

I seem to have figured it out. I did it by adjusting the Initial Color and Color Over Life modules for all of them except the MI_Ob03_HeatBlur_CDWN. I’m still not sure if altering that material did anything but I changed it just in case.

And here she stands in all her glory.

Hey, uuhm i know its kinda late to respond… 4 years. But i can always try. If you made the obelisk right, can you change the boss fights that people can do? Like go into the manticore arena on the island. I was just wondering, because im making something similar.