Help Changing Dino Melee Damage via INI-Option

Hi all,

I’m somehow stuck with changing the MeleeDamageAmount of DinoAttackInfos:

Event Graph:


For some reason the new MeleeDamage doesn’t get applied and I don’t know why.
I also added some "Print String " Functions (not in the Screenshots above) to see if and which values are getting read and reading the values from the INI-File seems to be totally OK.
Red = Default Value (read before “Set Memebers in Dino Attack Infos” via “Break Dino Attack Info”)
Blue = Value which was succesfully read from INI-File
Green = Value after “Set Memebers in Dino Attack Infos” was called (read via “Break Dino Attack Info”)

As you can see the green (new) value is still the same as the red (default) value. So “Set Memebers in Dino Attack Infos” isn’t working…

Would be great if someone could help here.


For now I’m using the predefined Variable “Extra Melee Damage Multiplier”, but it’s obviously not the same then he above.
With this variable all kinds of Attacks are getting increased by the given multi at once.