[HELP] Changed Stone to Stone_Child and now slingshot wont use ammo

I had made a _CHILD of the stone resource (and remapped it) to get higher item stacking working, but now my slingshot wont use stone anymore (cannot fire) this new stone. I tried going to the WeapSlingshot blueprint where the ammo type is stored but changing this to match the same _CHILD resource also…but that didn’t seem to work…

  1. Do I need to make a _CHILD of the sling too?
  2. What is the difference between PrimalItem_WeaponSlingshot and WeapSlingshot blueprints? Inside of PrimalItem_WeaponSlingshot I cannot change the ammo type (I didnt see it defined anywhere, just inside WeapSlingshot…)
  3. How does a change in WeaponSlingshot link up to PrimalItem_WeaponSlingshot?? Do I need to change both of these?

No real answer but this might help:

Well. I childed the Slingshot, i childed it’s PrimalItem, childed it’s Engram Entry and referenced it to each other. I switched the ammo to the stone child at the Slingshot and put the engram entry to additional engram array in PrimalGameData_BP