[HELP]Change direction of attack montage with root motion

Hi all,

I created a combo system in c++ which plays attack montage and continues to play attack montages one after another if the player presses attack button in a certain time frame.
Right now when the player attacks, they attack in the direction they are facing and cant change the direction until all the attack montages ends or stop attacking.

I would like the player to be able to change direction they attacking after each attack montage if they choose to do so.

Here is example how i want it to be:
I’m using root motion in all my attack animations and believe when root motion is enabled you cant rotate in a different direction Thanks for the help

Have you found a solution for this? I’m trying to make something like this as well

Just wanted to chime in here for anyone else having trouble with this.
Here’s what I did using blueprints. Should help for someone using C++ as well.
I created an Anim Notify State that toggles “Allow Physics Rotation During Anim Root Motion”

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