[HELP] change color of tile

For the moment I just want to display 1 or 0 if I change tile to know if it works but apparently not :,(

I dont know where that fail ^^

ty for help

here a video ^^ sry for the quality, it’s supposed to be in 720p XD.

Are the tiles different meshes? If so you could change the material. For the Trace, I would add a branch on blocking hit (assuming the trace works), then get HitActor from the TraceResult Break, and add a Set Material node, then select the material you want there. Also make a variable for the current Actor, call it CurrentTile.

You should have a BaseTile and use only ChildTiles, that way you can have in the “MasterTile” a function which sets the material back to the default. Now if you change the current tile you want the “old” CurrentTile to reset the material back to the default material. So you make another Actore variable, call it OldTile for instance, and before you set a new “CurrentTile”, you call the MaterialReset function for the OldTile.

Above approach uses actors, which are basically just tile meshes inside an Actor blueprint.