Help casting to an actor's wildcard?

I’m currently trying to make a falling platform respawn at the same location it originally started at.
My code makes sense to me, but I don’t know if there’s a better way to do it or anything.
Would this method work? If so, any hand with what the actors wildcard may be?

I’d approach it like so:

  • the platform:

  • the spawner:

  • the end result:

Is this close enough? Admittedly, it’s not very efficient. It’d be better to hide / show the platforms instead of destroy / spawn.

platoform, huh

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Help casting to an actor’s wildcard?

You’re attempting to utilise the Owner but you never make the spawner Own the platforms. And it gets even more convoluted when you attempt to:


Which would indicate that the falling platforms own the spawner instead? Who is the owner of the Spawner?