HELP! Can't use UDK!!!

I downloaded UDK on my laptop, When I do, it loads a but then says: "The UDK package is corrupt, please redownload (Exception when opening zip).
I did, Same result, Why is it doing this & how do I fix it? I really have some video games I want to make, 4 to be exact.

Hi. This forum is for discussion of the new Unreal Engine 4. I would post your question on the UDK forums for assistance :slight_smile:

  1. install it with admin rights
  2. disable the anti virus and firewall
  3. search on google -> that has been asked many times :wink:
  4. When you cant solve the problem, just use a older/newer version of UDK

Also as KaladinRahl suggested, post it into the udk forum

I thought UDK forum went to read only?

You can post on those forums still. Its kind of a graveyard as of late though because of UE 4. :slight_smile:

The Gears of War part is just read only (because they sold Gow to another company), but the UDK part is still online

Closing this thread since discussion here is no longer necessary