HELP can't simulate Physics of Blueprint and Editor [SkeletalMesh]

i know that collision need to be turn on before you can simulate physics
and so i did via Blueprint when i press “G” i drop weapon
but the weapon is still floating could someone please help

That is basically all you need.
Is it a skeletal mesh?
If so, does it have a valid physics asset?
Check your logs.
See if it mentions anything.

It is just a weapon it don’t need a physics asset right?
if i need one how i create it for a weapon? i haven’t solved it yet

If you want it to interact with the physics scene, its needs some sort of collision for the physics to interact with.
For static meshes, this is their simplified mesh.
For skeletal meshes, this is their physics asset.

There is probably something else I’m forgetting.
Usually do this in C++ :slight_smile: