HELP! Can't Open ARk Projects Since ADK Update

I wanted to work on a mod, but when having opened the Ark Development Kit (ADK), it said I must update it. So I did.

After the update, the new version of the ADK tells me I cannot open the original ARK project file but I can open it as a copy. So I tried. After a long time of converting the original project into a new copy, the ADK tells me some folder cannot be found and thus all converting into a new copy was a waste of time (including the “update”). Even worse - the ADK opens now in a general way and not anymore streamlined for ARK. I also suspect that the new version was been installed into a totally different folder while the old version still exists (waste of HDD space), at no time I was able during update installation to select the appropriate folder.

Please help. I want to be able again to create mods for ARK.

I found the easiest way (depending on your speeds) is to backup your project (make a copy of the entire folder some place) and delete the ADK. Download it again, put your folder back in its place (/mods/yourproject) and run from there.

Downloading it again? It took me over 2 months to download that all! I am in Jamaica.

Any other solutions?