(help) Can't figure out how to place high score....

So I’ve been working on this for a while but can’t figure it out. How would i (if possible) show a high score on a main menu after the game is played, and then rewrite it when the score is beaten? I have a score system made that’s casted to my character already. But I’m trying to add the score from my character to display a “total points” for the player after they die and are returned to the menu screen. I can’t find any tutorials on this either.

Check out “Bouncy Ball” project here.

Those are cool. And that’s exactly what I mean. Because all I have on my game is the score when you are playing but once you fail I don’t know how to show the total score on the main screen. Could you show me how you did it?

. . . He just gave you a download link to the project files . . .

But I get that it’s hard to look through other people’s work without knowing what you’re looking for. :slight_smile: From a quick peek, it looks like he’s got it stored in a save game object, and in the game mode while the game is running, and from there passing it to the UI widget, (I think). You should probably read up on some of the gameplay framework stuff. Player Controllers will be reloaded each time you load a level, so you can’t store anything there that you want to keep longer. Game Modes will stick around until you change them, so if you’re just using one game mode you can store things in that. Then there’s Game Instance, which initializes when the game does and doesn’t change until you quit the game. And finally of course there’s save game objects if you want to store data on the disk.
I could be wrong about some of this, but that’s my understanding of it so far.

I clicked the download link but it wouldn’t download. But I’ll try again. And thanks for the advice I’ll look into that as well.

I got it to download