HELP: Can radial Damage effect DM


Is there away that radial damage such as a grenade, can effect a DM?

Lets say the wall can be damage depending on how close the grenade was went it went off.

Any ideas?

I thought about a BP, but figured it would double the damage, if I added Damage Event to a BP.


I don’t have anything setup in front of me but you should be able to use a “Apply Radial Damage” or if you want it to have a falloff (Not be as strong on the outer edges of the damage radius) use a “Apply Radial Damage with Falloff” node.

In both of these you can set the base damage amount, the size of the radius, and the inner and outer radius if you’re using the falloff node. The base damage would at least need to be the amount of damage the DM would take unless you’re using accumulate damage in your DM for it to actually destroy.

Hopefully these will help you with a starting point for getting your grenade explosion going.

Hi Tim

Tried radial Damage - 50000

Does not even hurt my character.

Must have it set wrong somewhere

I am 1000% sure that apply radial damage is bugged. Iit sometimes does nothing, sometimes it hurts ine actor but leaves another untouched. Just watch recent 's stream where he was making a grenade, and he couldnt make the apply radial damage do anything. I said to him that I can never make it work.