[Help] - Can not sign in UE4

Dear UE4 Supporters,

Everyday I could sign in and work well with UE4 but today I can’t sign in UE4 (See the attached image). So that I can’t download content examples and other things.

Help me pls,



Same here!

I got the same problem. After being stuck on a while on “Please Wait” I get “Unable to reach the Epic Servers at this time”

I fixed it by doing this:

“Right-click your launcher shortcut and choose properties.”
“At the end of the target path field add “ -http=wininet” without the quotes and make sure there is a space before the dash.”

Can I ask when this started happening to you guys?

My engine is launching fine…

~ Jason

I had this problem around 5 hours ago, but I just restarted my PC + internet and everything was working again :smiley:

Seems to have started happening after the launcher update. Appears to be the company firewall that’s blocking access because logging in works fine on a different network. Can somebody at Epic comment on this? Are there certain ports that need to be opened up?

I must have just log in at the right time I guess…

~ Jason

Here are my Debug Logs (Attached file).

I’ve already posted it to AnswerHub (See link: https://answers.unrealengine.com/que...n-problem.html).

Help me pls

That did the trick… Not sure why that is required.

Thanks!It’s working for me as well :))! Just add “-http=wininet” to your shortcut target.