(Help) Can Not Place My New Structure

Hello, so recently as part of my mod a need a new structure so I duplicated the mortar and pestle put it in master item list and engram list changed the crafting requirements and also what can be crafted inside of it so I got rid of gunpowder spark powder and cementing paste then I put hide as a craft able (do not ask why it is part of my mod) I set a recipe for it , I then made a custom engram icon , the only thing I have not done yet is make a model/Mesh for it after that I went in to the Primal Game file and put it on the list of additional structures to place list , then I went into the game test mode the engram was there and I crafted it that part work fine then I tried placing it and it said it needed a foundation so I got 1 of each foundation and placed it down , after that the holographic design went green with no text at top meaning I could place it so I click once then it told me to chose a angle so I chose one and click again and then nothing happens it stayed in my inventory and did not place and so I can’t even check if my custom recipe is working because I can’t place the structure please help

Please help me I really want this to start working.

Please help I can not progress please

I need help as soon as possible

This is a situation that I would have to look into the files to see exactly what is happening, do you have teamviewer?

Yes I do have have Team Viewer, can we organise a good time for both of us (I live in the UK)

You can also add me on Skype because as far as I know team viewers in game microphone feature is not the best

Skype : craftingcookie

Please tell me when ?..