Help, can I recover a deleted map?

I am relatively new to unreal, I was organising my files internally for a project I’ve been working on. I clicked to delete build data as I was going to be moving my map around a bit and I just didn’t need it. To my dismay the map then disappeared along with a not so insignificant amount of work. Is there anything that I can do to recover this map? Or am I just boned?

Side note: I do not have a copy to the file elsewhere or I would just re import that.


Oh my gosh! thank you! I didn’t realise that I had to go into the actual project file

Open your project folder and take a look on “Saved” folder, there’s might be some things that autosave could copied there for you.

Aw, man!
Thank you for helping. I was searching for the same reason!
My demo was almost done and I deleted another asset and the map was linked to it.
Now I’m safe, thanks to you!

I shut down my computer…yesterday and it went through some windows update. When I opened my game to start eding the map it only had the .builtdata but not the map. Was trying everything. Saw this and found the saved folder. Went to the file that would match the level I was working in called level_Auto1.umap When I copy and pasted this file into the file where the map should be… it actually loaded the map back! and now my game works again! Thank you so much!