Help building a Sims style level builder inside editor?

Hi everyone I need some help figuring out how to code/blueprint a level builder based off of a grid (like the sims). Although I want to build the functionality of this is in the construct script of my blueprint actor, so that I can place everything just right before gameplay. I don’t know a way to do mouseover events inside construction script but that’s where I was planning to start.

I want something like this: Sims like Construction Engine #1 - YouTube

Can anyone please give me some tips or at least somewhere that I can start learning to code something like what’s in this video? I’m not even sure if this is possible within blueprints or if I would have to code some kind of plugin within C++

Okay, what I don’t understand is how to do this inside “Construction Script” I can’t use Convert Mouse Location to World Space because inside a construction script I have no access to the player controller.

ah sorry - I haven’t read carefully it was around 3am here :wink: you want it in construction and not on runtime. I don’t see why you can’t use the normal builtin ue editor features and snapping for that, but maybe I don’t understand it. if you want to build a editor plugin you need to do it in C++. Have a look in the bluetilities and Editor Utility Widgets - maybe you can use them for your need.
sorry, I can’t help. I move my answer to a comment so others can jump in and see this one unanswered

Its possible in BP. you need functions “convert mouse Screenspace to Worldspace” to get the position where you clicked after you clicked, “line trace” to fire from that position to check which actor you have hit, and on the hit object some logic to “spawn a new actor from class” (depending of what you want - wall, window, roof…). begin with building a bp which generates the grid, and every grid cell reacts to the line trace from above to spawn that new actor.

hope this gives you a starting point. if not, look at a random RTS tutorial