(Help) Bug maybe? Delay will not respond

So I am trying to make a jump power up. So I have it as begin overlap and casting it to my BP Character and the movement, I have a print string to see if it works…and it does. I have one string saying when the power up is activated and one when it is deactivated to know both are working. Here is the problem…when I add a delay for 5sec before the deactivate…nothing happens. And when the delay is not connected it shows instantly activated then deactivated. So when the delay is connected the power stays on. I don’t know if there is another way to do this and if this is a bug or something. And I am using 4.8, I will continue to try to figure out the problem.

Posting images of your Blueprints in question will greatly help.

Seeing how you have setup your script can reveal a problem more quickly.

This is the set up. When my character picks up the item the z velocity does change and the string shows it. But once I connect the delay the string to show that it deactivates doesn’t show. And the z velocity stays active. But once the delay is disconnected the velocity changes to activate the power up but the deactivates immediately because of the delay not being connected. Am I doing something wrong or does this just not work?


That’s all code?

my guess is, you delete a box in those 5 sec

After 5sec the jump z velocity is suppose to go back to 600(normal) from 900. The box and mesh delete after pick up. I just left that out in the BP because all that works. The delay doesn’t work when it’s connected.