[HELP] Branch Always Fire False with loop


My setup is as shown in picture below, somehow branch with foreachloop or any other loop is not working. It always gives false value even though i know both value are same and it should give me “true” print string.

Also i checked if array has valid index and checked if loop fires. Every thing works fine beside branch.
In other blueprints branch works exactly as it should be accept this one.

Am i doing something wrong or it is bug ?

Put the print before the branch, you’ll find the float bullet sizes don’t match.

HAHAHA ! I am dummest person in world.
First i check each way that does node fire or not but i never check the value as you suggested.
So the problem was, actor has editable value and multiple actor ware placed in world but with bullet type 0 value. I pulled my hair for whole day for silly mistake.

THANK YOU ClockworkOcean.