Help! Blueprint Light off/on

Hello Guys,

i need help, im trying since 2 days to make a simple blueprint to put the light off and on.

What i want:

a pointlight that is attached to the actor, and when i press the left mouse button, the light switches off and when i press it again it turns off…

and i want to make this:

a pointlight that is attached to the actor, (at start with 0 brightness (completely dark)) then when i press the left mouse button the light turns in a few seconds from 0 brightness to the maximum and then back. so it look likes the light is like a dimmed light… like if you dimm the light slowly up to max and then down to zero.

please help me…

i cant even make it that the light turns off when i click left mouse…

post a pic of your current attempt and we can go from there :slight_smile:

sdsdsd.png Here, but the Attach to command is out there…

but im raging right now im trying the whole day with this sh++… and i cant find any tutorial…

but i dont know why it doesnt react… that the get controller wrong is… i know… ^^

it would be easier to just attach a light to your character BP and then toggle it from there. are you making a torch?

Yeah, the player controller is a non-physical thing, you can’t attach things to it. Unless you want this light to be a separate object that you can pick up, put down, etc., then you should put it in your character blueprint as ixicalibur said. If you’re having trouble you might want to start there regardless, it’s much simpler.

Using delay will not make the light turn on slowly. You should use a timeline for that. They let you set a curve however you want, play it forwards, backwards, etc. from

here you go


vid [video][/video]