Help! Blender Vehicle to UE4?

Hi there,

I have a car model created in Blender. I actually have no idea how to import them to UE4, since I always failed before. So here it is the model.


The car body and the wheels are separate objects, with their origin all at 0,0,0. Without any bones/joints. Now what should I do next to import them to UE4?
Thanks in advance!

.FBX is the best format to export the model as

Thanks, I know that, but the model messed up with the vehicle blueprint and when I simulate it in PhAT. Also when I play the game, these wheels will be disconnected from the body, I set the bone to kinematic but still. Any help?

Taken from my learning notes… it has been some time ago, so i am assuming that should be right.

blender export

  • Make the model to face x axis.
  • Set the bones as shown in the pic. (Z top, Y front, X side)
  • Export in blender as ascii. X forward, Z up. Smoothing Face. No Animation, targent space.

Unreal Import

  • in Unreal import with T0-ref (uncheck), no animation. Roll as -90.

Physic Asset
Create physic asset for the newly imported vehicle model.

  • delete all bounds for the model
  • Create sphere for the wheels (kinematics)
  • Create box for body (default). Make sure the clearance of the box is high enough for all road conditions.

The rest should be easy.

ok here"s my blender to UE4 playlist Blender_UE4 - YouTube

doing vehicles in UE4 can be a real pain if you base setup is not correct , before you export make sure every thing else is deleted from the scene,

we also need a few more pictures of the mesh in ue4

Hi there, thank you for your help.

I tried both of your instructions, but still not working. When I play the game, the wheel is just like moving to position 0,0,0 of the car and rolling in whatever direction they can, then the car start flying lol. It is more like a physics problem. I suspect the problem is coming from the structure of the car itself. can you guys please look at my simple car for a minute? Am I having just a right car model to export? I know it must be kind of pain checking somebody’s model, but please. :slight_smile:

Here is my blender file.

Thank you for your help, Geodav and pickersZ. :slight_smile:

Because I dont know about cars, in the mean time some one look at the blender source, I will suguest to look on the car example and see if you can guess something from there?

You got the bones direction wrong. Look at the pic that i have attached for reference. The car physic is pretty fussy about the direction of the bones, if you get it wrong it wont work.

edit: After looking into the blend file (please note i am a blender noob), it seems that you made a couple of mistakes.

  1. Set the sizing to metrics and size the car accordingly.
  2. Set the bone orientation as mentioned above.
  3. ctrl-j to join all the wheels to the body.
  4. assign empty weights to the bones.
  5. assign the wheels and body to their respective bones.
  6. Apply Location, Rotation and Scale.

export(blender) and import(unreal) accordingly to my first post in this thread.