[HELP] Beginner Tutorial

Hi guys,
I’ve problem with Starting my first blank project
I’m trying to learn this tutorial
But i’m having learn problem, i cant make it the FPS character, like in the second TUTORIAL(, HE SKIPS ALL THINGS, i don’t see anything helps,
i don’t understand how to make the game instance and how to make a camera
Help me PLZ !!

Hm, i guess this tutorial is for users who, at least, are able to use the Editor and perform really standard things, like creating an new BlueprintClass etc.

You may want to use a more basic tutorial, which shows you how to use the Editor.

Epic Games has a lot of video tutorials on their Youtube Channel that might help you getting started. Once you understood the basics, you
can go back to this FPS tutorial (:

Thanks …
I need ALOT OF TIME !!

Yes, learning to program AND learning the Engine + Game Development takes a lot of time.
Everyone learns it differently. Take your time and learn it the way it makes fun for you (:
And be sure to check for other tutorials of you can’t keep up with the one you are using (:

The Epic Youtube channel is definitely a great way to get your head around all of the different features of the engine. Game development is a pretty complex task, so while engines like Unity, Cryengine and Unreal Engine certainly simplify the process they are still complex pieces of software that require a significant time investment to get good quality work back.