Help Attaching Physics Actor To Player Hand

I for the life of me cant figure out what i am doing wrong.

Here is my blueprint for my player.

The basic flow is, player presses R and does a line trace, if it hits a physics object(the ball) it should attach the ball to the players BallSocket which is off of the players RightHand bone.

When i run this, the ball just gets stuck with no gravity or physics and never attaches.

Ive also tried destroying the physics object ball, instantiating another static mesh and attaching that with no luck.

The code below I have in there to verify that the Socket does exist, and it does as it turns true. This seems like such a simple thing to do i have no idea what i am missing, ive looked at a ton of other examples and this is all they do.

That looks similar to what I’m doing, which works for me. Some differences are:

I don’t use Hit Component coming out of hit result; I use Hit Actor cast to Static Mesh Actor for the Target input of AttachActorToComponent, and Static Mesh Actor cast to Static Mesh Component for the input to Set Simulate Physics which you should probably also use for the Gravity input (I also turn off Collision Enabled, otherwise items you hold might “push” you).