Help , at load level my character falls into oblivion!

Hi I did a simple level and a menu level , I made menu level persistant level and the main level a child of it …

If I load only my simple level with start position all is fine, but if I load the menu level , press play and then the menu appears, when I press start the simple level starts but I start in a different position and I fall throught level to oblivion … why that?
The level is streamed to allow a loading screen.

Well known problem.

Put a player start in the level, when the level starts move the player to the player start.

Another option is disabling gravity until the level is ready.

I already have a player start but seems ignored, I am not expert to coding, what should I do ?

With streaming you have to actually put the player there with code. So, in your persistent level or in the begin play of the level BP of the loaded level you need:

You might even need a slight delay in there.

Thing is, when you package the game, this wont happen, but it’s very irritating during development, so you might as well code it in :slight_smile:

I am trying to find getplayerstart, setactorlocation , but I can’t find in blueprint editing window when I try to create them why or how should I do ?

Are you going to do this in the level blueprint?

Then click the player start and go to the level BP and right click. You will set ‘player start’ near the top of the menu:


SetActorLocation you can just right by right clicking and starting to type it.

EDIT: PS this is the level BP of the level you’re streaming… :slight_smile:

Yes I put in the level streamed graph editor…

I managed to do copying some functions from … This is what I got, seems to work but the rotation is not the one of my start so how can I get the start rotationand put the player in right rotation ? I tried several get rotation set rotations etc and nothng worked so far…

Do this:

When I right click and start to type those functions don’t appear in the list.

This is what I did , but it didn’t Work :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Try putting a delay before the SetControlRotation

BTW: if you quote me, I will see your answers quicker…

Thankyou that worked , but honestly I forgot to link the rotation to the Event begin play sequence I did :slight_smile:

Hoorah! :slight_smile: