Help assigning the camera's view as the spawn view

The title may be a little unclear of my situation,but i was assigned to create a game using UE4,usually i create my games using Unity but my boss wanted me to try it on UE4 to compare the results,but due to my little to no skill in UE4,i came across a problem.
I am currently working on a Lottery Simulation game for the Smartphones,and i created 4 camera actors,all located around a single point(to the left,right,and sides), and he can move from each camera by pressing a mouse button(built it for PC first,then gonna move to mobile).
But to get into the first camera view,he first needs to press the button/touch the screen. So the problem is i need to restrict movement,so he cannot move.
There are two options i can think of but i don’t really know where to begin.
The first one is making the spawn point as the camera view,so when he spawns he is immediately inside the camera view,he can move through the different cameras but cannot leave them,and the second one is to have some sort of “pause” screen,which stops the game in the background and is saying to the player as soon as he spawns to click the mouse to enter the camera’s view.
I first contacted UE4 on Twitter asking them about my first “option”, they said it wouldn’t turn out pretty,so i’d rather give the second option a go.
But if anyone could be of any assistance i would be very grateful. I am including my current level Blueprint,so that you can see what i have.
Thanks again

P.S The template used is 3rd person Blueprints