Help asigning class default variables dynamically in editor

Hey folks, I’m trying to set some values in a BP class dynamically through the Construction Script.
Briefly what I want is to change the class default values for the child in editor time, via BP.

Here is a **simplified **version of how I’m trying to aproach this problem:

I have a parent class, with an array called “BoxNames” in a child class I want to fill this array with the names of the BoxCollision components this child has, for that I’m iterating in all the BoxCollision components, getting their names and adding to the arra in the Contruction Script.

Any time I change the BP, the Construction Script runs and I get the correct result, 3 entries in the array.
One I hit play and spawn this Child BP, it’ll prints 0 (zero) elements in the array on the begin play.

So, it’s adding to the array but it’s not saving in the BP class, there is a way of “applying” the data to the class defaults? there is another approach to this problem?



(this sample is a simpler version so we can focus in the main issue)