Help applying a material to whole of bsp sphere

I am having trouble texturing a bsp sphere. I want the material that I put on it to go on the whole thing, not on each individual face. For some reason no matter what I do, it keeps adding the material to the faces individually instead of the object as a whole. I can do this with a static mesh sphere just by dragging the material on it. Is there a way to do this to a bsp sphere? Thanks!

It’s been a while since I’ve used BSP, but there should be a function that lets you choose Align > Face or something to that effect.

Hi Malospam,

There are a couple of ways to apply your material the entire BSP.

You can select the Material in the content browser that you would want to use for the entire mesh before placing it in the level. When you drag the BSP into the level it will automatically apply the material for you.

This second option will work with already placed BSP geometry.

  • Select the BSP
  • In the Details Panel go to the Geometry tab
  • Use the Select drop down > Select Matching Brush
  • Then apply material in the details panel or drag and drop the material from the Content Browser

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Hey Tim, I tried what you said, but it did not work! I am attaching a pic. In the ball on the back left, I preselected the material like you said, but it still didn’t texture the whole object. In the ball on the back right, I used the select matching brush, and it didnt work. The object in the front is a static mesh, and that worked very easily. Is there something I am missing? Do you want me to upload a video of me doing it? Thanks!

Select your sphere brush, and all of the surfaces (drag selection in either the side/top/front viewports is fastest) under the geometry tab in the details panel click Alignment > Align Surface Planar Floor. That’s the closest you will be able to get to what you want. You can then adjust the UV scale to your liking if you want more tiling, or less.

This is actually easy. I work with BSP all the time.
Select any surface on the BSP object you want to change. Use Shift-B to select ALL the faces of the brush.
While holding Alt click on the brush and it will apply the select material.

Note if you select anything that isn’t a material (like a static mesh) it will apply the world default material.

However aligning the textures is another matter. I’ve found it impossible to get it to work in unreal on a BSP sphere. Its not too bad doing it in blender with sphere projection.

Here is what you can do with the method I described above. As mentioned, you can still adjust the UV scale and tiling. This is the best you will be able to do with BSP.


Thanks guys I tried both methods and I got the same thing. See the image. Surely it shouldn’t be this bad? Tom can you comment on this please? Is this the best we can expect? Its a little better when messing with the uv numbers but i can’t get it to be the same as the static mesh.

If any future lurkers are looking for an answer to this, here is a simple solution for applying materials to a whole BSP, or multiple at once!

  1. In the viewport, select a BSP you want to apply a material to (if you want multiple, hold CTRL and click the other brushes IN THE VIEWPORT you want to apply the material to)

  2. Press SHIFT+B to select all sides of all selected brushes

  3. Drag the material over to the material slot on the details panel

Just like this, I select multiple BSP, press shift+B, drag the material over the slot: (2)