Help anterior chamber of Eyes Shader?


Could you please give me some solutions?
I need a solution. What should I do to get regular, not wavy refractions without iris distortion?

  • My eyes have two part Inner and Outer
  • What should i do to get result like this picture?

Thank you for your help

Hi SomParRaa -

My first thought is you could use a gradient fade to limit the refraction to the forward section of your eye, but I would need to see a screenshot of your UV unwraps for your eye to determine whether that is possible.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric Ketchum
Thank you so much for answering my questions.

Hi SomParRaa -

I have been doing some research to try to get the best looking effect for you and believe I might have found the answer here on our fourms. Its a simple effect but would give you great control over your eyes render outcome without having to worry about the refraction generation and specular highlights on a Translucent Material. A simple bump offset with a radial gradient controlling the height without the added lens element should deliver the iris parallax effect you are looking for.

Let me know if I can be of any further assistance -

Eric Ketchum

The Issue there is how to have the Iris have Depth (Dishing) and the lens have height like it does, and then have refraction to the iris. Without having two surfaces. I was thinking of over driving the normal, and having the geo reflect the dishing, so that the highlight/reflection from the environment goes on-top, and the dishing comes from the geo, but it seems very difficult to pull of in one piece of geo.

Are there any examples or screen shots you guys have from Infiltrator, or possibly Gears that show how the effect comes together geo / shader wise ?

There is a terrific tutorial on Crytek’s side, with some fantastic renders, the issue is that they don’t give any insight into the shader that’s being used.