HELP: Animating grouped objects with different pivot points

Hello Devs,

im kinda stuck with this problem, I have watched many tutorials about matinee but I cant find any solution.

I want to create an animation for my flying ship, it consists of different objects like the frame, windows, interface, a seat and so on. All of them have different pivot points. In matinee I created a new group and added a new movement track for all the actors. Now when I move the ship all pivot-points of each object will receive the same pivot point and everything is out of place, see example.

Is there a way to animate a group of objects without affecting their pivot points or points of origin?


This one is easy, just attach everything to one object that will be used as a parent to move everything at once, together.

If you right click on a mesh, you can see there’s an “attach” option; click on that and then it will ask you which object in the scene will be the parent that this object attaches to.

Again, the overall idea it to take all these pieces and attach them to a parent/master object (which can be just about any actor) in the scene. Animated the parent object, and all those pieces will follow it, rotate together, etc.

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thank you Jak! :slight_smile:

Is there any way to keep objects organized or grouped and make them child’s of the master parent? Possible to attach a whole group of actors instead of each actor one by one?

Use a Blueprint Actor where you add a few mesh components, root of the actor will be your pivot. ;).

[MENTION=13213]Jak Carver[/MENTION] so I have tried it tonight, I have selected all of the objects and attached them to the seat object, but when I select the seat actor and try to change position of the new “group”, only the seat moves. Do I have to change something else? To make sure, here are of my WO.