[HELP]Android Launch error after converting to 4.10

Ok i have an android and i went to 4.9 and launched the game from UE4 through my android and it worked perfectly so i know it’s not my projects fault. I went back to 4.10 and launched it and got a

PackagingResults:Error: Error Launch failed! Unknown Error

What the hell is going on? Here’s the whole output log.

LogPlayLevel: [aapt] C:\Users\Ameen Khan\Documents\Unreal Projects\AppDev\Intermediate\Android\APK\bin\AndroidManifest.xml:2: Tag <manifest> attribute package has invalid character ‘’’.

Soooo…What should i do then??? I have never encountered this problem before??

Hi Spookey0188,

Please post the contents of your C:\Users\Ameen Khan\Documents\Unreal Projects\AppDev\Intermediate\Android\APK\AndroidManifest.xml; there is something wrong here, maybe the package name is wrong or not set.

Here you go:

I don’t think it’s the package name


Can you try remove the ’ ] from your package name and try rebuild?

Like: com.NonFiniteGames.DontLetTheCirclesTouch

You can set the Application Display Name as you like e.g. Don’t Let The Circles Touch
But for Android Package Name, try to avoid using special characters in it

Do the changes from the editor’s project settings, not from the manifest.

Ok thanks this helped it now works!