Help and Advice Please

I got UE4 a couple of days ago and i’ve been fighting with it a lot but haven’t gotten as far as I wanted. Tutorials online seem to only show half of something but I still have hope. Im trying to use UE4 for a university project in which I would like to present several apartments connected through a menu.

The problem i’m having is that when i create the widget for the menu (1- Level1 2- Level2 3-Quit game) it doesn’t disappear after I make a selection as it should. At one point in level two it did but not in level 1… then I messed with the “absolute” check boxes and it all worked. Saved the project and later when I wanted to keep working on the models the widget would not leave in any of the levels. When I launch the project i’m also getting a phantom level, which is the one that was there when I started it, but i cant seem to be able to erase it or anything…

Could someone help me with that please?

Thanks in advanced for any help and advice.

Here is the link of the tutorials I used:

Hi, when you enter your level you need to hide your widget.

You get your “phantom level” becouse you need to set default map in project settings\maps.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hi Blue man,
Isnt RemoveFromParent supposed to hide/remove it? I managed to fix it in the GeneralBluePrint by making the Widget appear when I hit ESC and not an EventBeginPlay (EbP). Maybe the EvP is looping infinitely?
Thanks for the default map thing. I changed both the default map and the default editor map to the first level.
Do you by any chance know if I create a player start spot, will the “Load Level”'s starting position automatically align with it or do I have to somehow set it up?

Regards and thanks for the help!

You can use player start (I think is called) for your starting point,you can find it on the left side of the screen you will find a menu,player start is in basic or all classes :slight_smile:

For the widget I was using node called dismiss … :slight_smile: