HELP - ai roaming between target points in order (help needed expanding/deviating on a tutorial)

I’m following this tutorial and its been SO helpful… there’s a part at 7min 15s about using a counter to cycle through the target points in order (1,2,3,4 then cycles through again - so in effect my AI is walking a looped area) but his tutorial uses a random integer instead (image attached to show his way).

Also, as a bonus (is it a bonus?!)… is there a way for it to move from point 1 to point 2, delay for a couple of seconds… then move on, delay, move, delay… etc?

this was a response from a reddit user… but tbh… i’m relatively new to this software, so this kinda went way over my head!
“instead of using a random integer you just need an integer that you ++ each time it gets used and reset it to 0 if it reaches the length of your array - 1”

any help would be most amazing!