[HELP] AI Dynamic Jump

Hello. We are looking AI solution for dynamic Jump. Currently in game we have moving platforms here is example:

And we need to make AI jump between moving platforms, I have try use spawn NavProxyLink Dynamically, but it do not work correctly, Of Course it woks fine with regular NavProxyLink, which is has been put in Editor, and it works fine with static object. But in our case It does not work correctly.

I have found solution on forum…ing_Every_Tick, What Rama did…l=1#post251216
And it could be useful for us, but there is no examples, only ideas how to implement it. And I do not know well how UPathFollowingComponent on deep level. What I should implement for dynamic AI jumping logic, like I put on video above?

So maybe you guys can suggest something for me, or point me in right direction.

Hi! I did this just by tweaking the Recast-Navmesh properties: