help again on using Iclone with Unreal 4

I posted on the Iclone forums with no success so far. I am a bit frustrated because upgrading to the latest versions of Iclone pro and 3dxchange is not cheap. So can any pros or developers give me guidance or maybe give it a try and make a small tutorial? I know I am in the minority of users using Iclone with Unity, so it definitely must be possible in Unreal. If I am wasting my time at this point, please at least let me know so I don’t waste any more time with this. Thank you so much!

You’d be better off using Blender, which is free.

Hi Malospam,

I’ve not used Iclone but after looking at their website and an export tutorial there shouldn’t be a problem getting your animations from that to Unreal. While I did not find any tutorials on exporting from Iclone to UE4 I did find a few on exporting to UDK/UE3.

The import process should be similar. Here is the link to the video.

We also have our Animation and Rigging YouTube series that can help you with getting your animations setup as well.

Thank you!


Yeah, I’ve seen the tutorial made by Reallusion, but as you noticed its pretty outdated and doesn’t show you how to setup a character with different animations. I guess I will have to look at the Animation and Rigging Youtube series, there are just so many videos in that section that I got intimidated. Oh well, here I go!

Tim, that animation and rig tool kit, is that there a software available for unreal users who don’t have Maya?

ART is only available for Maya

That was made by Jeremy Ernst here at Epic specifically for Maya since animation here is handled through Maya. Some users are looking at making a version of it for Blender, but that’s been a slow process. Not sure when that would likely happen.