[Help]Advices on bulding island

Hello unreal engineers!

I’ve never did level design before EVER. So I’m wondering what would be the best way for creating an island for my game. I first thought of creating a landscape/terrain and put it in UE4 and then paint over it. But I have seen some level designs that were pretty awesome and they didn’t use landscapes at all.

Also if it’s gonna be with terrains… I’m creating a terrain but it doesn’t always fit my needs… Can I read somewhere information on how to bring up a good playable terrain? Cuz most of the terrains are unplayable. They have really weird cracks and … you get it…

For an island I would always (of course it depends on the size) use a landscape actor, because you get a better performance (good lod stystem) + you are more flexible
So just create a landscape in combination with world machine and the ue4 landscape tool + place an “ocean” plane with a mateiral. :slight_smile: