Help adding lights to static mesh

I’m trying add lights to a static mesh. I tried to add regular lighting near where I wanted it to emanate from (see picture below) but I figured it would be easier and cleaner looking if I attach the point source light through a blueprint. Could I get some instruction on how to do that? Any help would be appreciated.

That’s actually pretty easy. Create a new blueprint. Add a Scene component first (I do this because the root can’t be moved for some reason). Then add your static mesh, then add your point lights. The positioning for a static mesh in the blueprint is basically the same as in the editor. The difference is that you only need to place them once in the blueprint.

Based on your screenshot, I would recommend making your lights cylinders. In the point light add a source radius and then add a source length. You should be able to get the light cylinder to line up to you’re SM’s light sources.