Help adding impulse to a physic object

Hello, i’m having a small issue with an actor, i’m trying to make a pushable secret wall, the old style from wolfenstein 3d, i made an actor with a PhysicsConstraint amd when the player use the “use” key the secret wall will move.

i was able to make this working, if the player use the key the block will move until it collides, when it collides no more impulse is added.

until here all is fine, but when i put the wall into the level, with walls on each side, when the player use the key the wall is not moving, if i remove one of the wall from the sides the secret wall moves in the right way.

anyone know what is happening here, why the wall moves when is not surrounded by walls and when it has the walls on both sides the wall not moves ?

thanks in advance for all the help.

P.S1: i debug the game, when the player hit use key, the blueprint shows there is impulse applying to the cube.

P.S2: here is a picture for the secret wall position on my level.

It would be more reliable to just move it with a timeline… :slight_smile:

can i set the end of the timeline as a variable from the actor properties ?

Not quite sure what you mean there. You need to put the cube in a blueprint, or you could do it from teh level blueprint. You can move it any distance you like.

thanks for the idea i will try to do it

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