(Help) Adding extra points to total points

So I have an endless runner in the making and I have it like the others when you move your points go up. And I have that through a bind in the HUD. Now I need to figure out how to add an additional 100 points when collecting a gem. How would I do that?

Just cast to your player bp and use a set node and add the new value.

I have the extra points created in the characters BP but is there a way to add it to the character during gameplay? Because when binding its like I can only use one setting at a time. So its either the points go up when running or only get points by collecting the pick ups. I tried to add a set node in the bind but it wouldn’t work. I tried adding a new returnvalue but when compiled I get an error saying the cast doesn’t end in a returnvalue. And that’s where I’m stuck.

In your coin blueprint on event begin overlap, you cast to your character BP. You get your score variable and add 100 to it. The result you use to set your score variable.

Thanks for all the help. But I figured out how to do it. I had everything set up right from casting to my character BP to adding the points. But where the problem was is in the HUD with the binding to my score. If you guys like I can post screenshots in case you guys need to do something relative to it, you guys will know a way to do so.

id like some screenshots :slight_smile: