Help Adding Effects (Shadow/DuplicatingSprite) on 2d Side-Scroller (Alucard-SOTN)

Hello fellow developers, I’m trying to recreate Alucard gameplay from Castlevania Symphony of the Night on the UnrealEngine4.
That’s what I achivied so far.

But in the original game Alucard have some kind of blue shadow effect, I want to know how could I replicate that effect.
Does anyone know how to do it? Particle effects, duplicating the sprite?

Thanks for the help.

Solved, I duplicated my initial blueprint, removed all the inputs and any colision.
Changed it’s alpha to 0.5 and set the sprite color to blue.
Then spawned the copy at the same location of my actual character controller at the same animation frame and it destroyed itself after 0.1 seconds.

Here’s the blueprint for it to spawn on my character BP.

And here’s the BP for the shadow.

I don’t know if it’s the optimal way of doing it, but it works.