[Help] Actor activating same actor in different location

Hi, im currently trying to make a simple door but i got stuck on one problem that i dont think it would happen.
So i made the door works fine it open, close, if its only one on the entire level, if there is another, the first one that i put on the level, will open the other one and disable the another one.
I would grateful if someone could help,


I can’t really make much sense out of all the variables being set. I think the function gets the same actor type, maybe that’s all of them are opening at the same time. This just seems a bit over complicated to me. I’m learning UE4 right now.

Your door is triggered when you overlap a collision volume so maybe you should checking if the overlapping actor is of the right class and then simply open the door?

Apologies if this isn’t helpful at all but I didn’t see any other replies so I thought I give it a shoot. Let me know if you get to the bottom of the problem yourself.

I made a quick setup just to try this on the fly. So many door will go up when I enter the collision box and drop down to original position when I’m out. You could probably introduce a bool in there just to prevent door spamming but again it all depends on your setup. I know there are many ways to set this up, I remember going over a few tutorials myself.

Hi, i’m using many variables, because i forgot how to make anim montage to work properly, there is only 3 variables, the other two are for animblueprint, thanks for sharing your time and blueprint, but my main problem is the door open the other one and disable the another, they’re the same item for ue4, so it runs the same blueprint for the both doors, i need some way to make ue4 for not reconize as the same,i tried make something with arrays but didn’t work, because i dont know how to use properly,

i need know some way to remove the door that are far than 300 from my character, from the index and then maybe my bp would work how i was thinking