Help - Activate a custom event in a widget graph.

Hello there community!

I’m currently trying to animate a text within a widget that I want to be placed out in the world. As of right now, the player can go up to a button, interact with it and the camera will swap to a camera set in front of the widget (placed out in the level as an actor). Think of it like how it works when you interact with computers in the latest Fallout games.

Anyways. Right now I only want my text to animate when that camera swap have happened, so I need to call that custom event once when this happens.

I have looked up tutorials and the only ones I can find are widgets that you create temporarily and attach to the game screen, rather than a permanent widget that is in the level.
Hopefully some of the images below will help you guys understand what I’m trying to do better!

Thank you so much for whoever takes the time to help me out here… I’ve been staring at the screen for way too long today so I just don’t know what to do.