HELP - Accessed non trying to read property

Hi to everyone,

the situation it’s this:

I got a key in the middle of the room that start the game, then the first puzzle it’s lighted and you can do it, there’s a bool in this puzzle called 4vero? that show thata the puzzle it’s completed. I want to access this boll variable from the spherekey puzzle in the middle of the room (i created the BP of primo puzzle to access it). but in runtime i got this error.

I’ll show in a few screenshot the situation.I understood the problem but don’t know how to fix it or to implement a different solution. My first work in UE4.

My request is: Once primo puzzle it’s completed the spehere key in the middle start to rotate in X axis.

Kindest regards to everyone who answer.

You are checking for Is Valid on the PrimoPuzzleok reference and that is good, but the problem is that if it is not valid you are then setting it to None (by having nothing connected to the input pin). Then after setting it to None (which it already was) you try to set a boolean value on the reference that is set to None. This will always fail and give you the errors you are seeing.

Is it possible that you can connect a valid reference to the Set PrimoPuzzleok input pin? If it isn’t valid do you have a way of looking it up in the level? Possibly with a Get All Actors of Class node?

i don’t think i’ve understood. so i’ve understand that i can let the pin empty and now i get the primopuzzleok BP and then trying to assign that bool.

But i still got the error.

i post an image.

This won’t work because you are checking if PrimoPuzzleok is None, then if it is None you are setting it to itself. To fix this you have find a valid reference to PrimoPuzzleok some other way. See if you have a reference to it that you can get from another BP or by using the Find All Actors of Class node.

i cant find the reference to 4vero? anywhere also trying with find all actors of class node.

4vero? it’s a bool variable and i need it to start the second puzzle