Help a newbie out please! :3


My name is MrNightRider and im new to game development and coding games etc. My main question that I’ve been wondering for a couple of months now regarding these new free and absolutely amazing game development programs such as Unreal Engine and CryEngine etc… Q: “If you were to make a new epic game, that no one have ever seen before and it was amazing. Can you for example take that game from the Engine and sell it directly? Like if i were to make a platform game, can I sell it or launch it officially? or are you guys at Unreal Engine owning my product since it was created in your engine. What are the rights exactly?” questions like this have been circling my head and im going crzy about knowing what I can and can’t do.

if someone could answer it would mean the world. Thanks! :smiley:

if you make a game then you own it and the rights to it, you are free to launch/release your game for free or commercially, if you’re selling your game commercially you need to pay royalties to epic(you could also contact epic and get a custom license).

hope that helps:)

Yes, that does help, I was really confused, and it really cleared my mind that someone told me the way it works. Many thanks to you smokey. :slight_smile: