Help a newbie getting in this world

Hi guys, I’m ner0ck and I’m a noob on ue4 and game programming overall. I’m also a noob in all kind of programming tbh.
So, I’ve been trying some unity 5 and really liked it but I’ve seen that unreal engine 4 fits my needs better so I’m here. One thing you have to know about me is that even when I still suck programming, I love it, the more I learn the more I like it, there’s something on writting code that makes me enjoy. So I really liked the way to work of unity 5, if you want something, add new C# class and start writting. So when I first approached to unreal and saw how different it was I felt a bit dissapointed. I’ve been looking a lot about blueprints, and I admit they’re great and extremelly usefull, but even when they are better of any code I can write, I don’t want to make my game in blueprints, I’d like to use them as a tool for some stuff, like making a door, a chest or a torch, that kind of things, but not to make the important part of my game. But all I’ve seen is making entire games on blueprint :/. So finally, the questions:
1-Is viable and efficient to make my game in C++ and using blueprints for only some things? If so, can any of you provide a good example of a game that I can load in the editor if possible or look at it’s “composition” on some pictures, that is like that?
2-Can you guys give me some tips, and some links to tutorials, both blueprint and c++ (better if they’re combined) because I’ve tried to follow some and they all were for old versions of ue4 ( using 4.10 here ) and some of the code syntax had changed or some stuff was different and I couldn’t follow the tutorial :/. One thing I loved about unity is that I could see in google really good tutorial series to even make an entire working game, ok, the games were really simple but a noob like me could learn a lot from that.

Thank you for reading and helping me :). Sorry for such a long text btw. D:

Hi, ner0ck! Welcome to the community.

Focusing on C++ and using Blueprint only when needed is more than viable; it’s a commonly-recommended approach! I suggest you check out these two video tutorial series to get started:

3rd Person Power-Up Game with C++
Twin Stick Shooter

They’re both pretty comprehensive and combine C++ with Blueprint. The Power-Up Game series is more C++ than Blueprint, while the Twin Stick Shooter series is mostly Blueprint with minimal C++. I hope you find them helpful!

Nick is right. Follow his links. Unreal Engine have hundreds of tutorial videos for you.

I’m actually following the Twin Stick Shooter, and I started to follow the 3rd Person Power-Up Game, but not the same version you give me here, it was a tutorial made in 4.2 so I couldn’t follow because some of the syntax of C++ changed. Gonna do this one now. Thank you guys.