Help a beginner with Blueprint Classes

Hi everyone, i’m a beginner with Unreal Engine, i know programming but i’m a little bit lost with all these Blueprints classes.
So i would like to create a board game with a turn based system, but i don’t know if for this i should use the GameMode blueprint, the Level Blueprint or maybe another one.
So if someone could explain me the difference between these and how they work amongst themselves, that could help me a lot :rolleyes:
Thanks in advance for your help :wink:

PS: I’m french then excuse me for my english thanks :o

Hi Le Graal,

From what i’ve learned UE4 is very flexible, you could do it in any of those and it would work perfectly fine. Would it be ideal? Probably not.

Recently stumbled upon this blog, he has a lot of good tutorials, hope this would help.

99% of the time you will be using Actors with Components.

The GameMode (partnered with a GameState) is especially useful in multiplayer games but you can use it to keep track of general info like the score or state the game is in at the current moment.
The GameMode also handles which Pawn, PlayerController etc. the Player should begin with and how and where the player re-spawns.

The Level Blueprint is very specialized to one particular Level and can’t easily be reused elsewhere unlike the Actor and Component Blueprints.

Gamemode: As Garner said. (although I don’t think it controls where the player starts?)

LevelBlueprint: Is just used if you want to create a function for that specific level (map).

Best way is to go to Youtube and search for “Unreal Engine 4 boardgame tutorial” or something like this. But probably better start searching for a UE4 crash course first, since you don’t know what the classes are used for.

A few hours of Youtube videos should be enough to give you a basic understanding of the Engine, and from there you can start to build your own thing. Good luck :slight_smile: