[HELP] 3D product model in RT, online over multiple platforms with interactivity options

I have a 3D model of a product that my client wants to show in an interactive webpage and am wondering what Game Engine would be the best way to go?

I need to embed this model on a website with a UI menu/buttons to switch between different configurations of the product. An orbital camera to look around and zoom in/out as you switch between setups. What is recommended for building this with most compatibility with PC/MAC browsers? Is FURIOOS or AWS the way to go these days?


Since UE4.24, HTML 5 export migrated to GITHUB and it is quite complex to setup.

Also, the file size is quite heavy compare to what you can get from Unity. And I m not sure if it works over multiple platforms.

You could use FURIOOS or similar servers such as AWS to use pixel streaming, but it comes at a cost which might be not ideal, as this product would be on a website could become expensive to

showcase depending on the amount of clients viewing it over time.


Export easily to the web using WebGL, with a small file size. But do not work on MAC browser (safari)or IOS.

Works great on PC browsers, opens on androids but not efficient.

What would be the best way to go?

Here is an example of what AUDI did: (this is more then I m going for, but it works on every platform, is it using pixel streaming)?

UE4 can be quite small as well, an empty scene built with the right settings can be about 5.5mb when compressed.

If you’re just doing a product demo and you don’t need the full power of UE4 then you could try something like Unreal for Web - Animech

Thank you for this information, I am going to look at it right now.