Help_(:3 / <)_ Skeletal mesh isn't smooth from maya

My english is not good, sorry.

I made some models in Maya , but skeletal mesh isn’t smooth.

Static mesh is correctly works, but skeletal mesh is not smooth.

UE4 Import settings is here.

I changed this selection box but same…

My maya data is here.

[link text][3]


FBX did not support MAYA Smooth Mesh Preview (key “3”) for skin. You need smooth normals or convert Smooth Mesh Preview to Polygons before skinning.

In this screenshot your model without Smooth Mesh Preview

In this screenshot your model after Smooth normals

in UE4

Thanks a lot!

Does that mean I need smoothing meshs before skinning…right?

I thought skeletal mesh is displayed on the screen as the same as static mesh.

I was wonder some days in this thing, but now resolved finally. Thank you!