Help - 2D paper side scroller - layers

I’m giving Unreal a first try as i want to build some 2d Assets for Marketplace. I want to make a demo level and have currently started out on the pre-made 2d side-scroller.

However I’m struggling with the layers and in which order they are drawn on the screen.

Here is a example, first screen is from the editor:

And here is the a screen from the project running:

As you see the plant in the background is in front of one platfrom while running, but not in editor. For the record, the Y-position for both platform are 0, while the background is -400.

Anyone who can explain to me what I’m doing wrong?

Manage to find the answer myself, in case someone else finds the thread.
The solution is
“You can go into the details panel of your sprites and under Rendering >> advanced roll out >> Translucent Sort Order. This value is 0 by default setting it to a higher number will make the high number render on top of the lower numbers. So your far background may be 0 while you near background may be 1 and the foreground 2 and the player’s sprite 3.”