HELLSPLIT - realistic horror-slasher VR game

Hi everyone. I glad to present you a first VR game project our company “Deep Type Games”. Hellsplit - is a horror-slasher truly VR game in a dark fantasy world. Estimated release date for 2018. We expect to release the game on three main VR platforms (HTC Vive/Steam VR, Oculus Rift and PSVR), but at the current moment we are only working on a version for HTC Vive.

Main features of our game:

  • physically correct medieval melee combat system (swords, axes, maces, shields)
  • plausible system of wounds (gore and blood)
  • full-body avatar system with physical collision
  • native movement/walk system (base on walking on the spot)
  • adventure gameplay componetn (secrets, mini-quests)
  • realistic and detailed graphics
  • frightening atmosphere
  • original story mode (campaing) and free-fight mode (training)
  • advanced sound

Partially presented features can be seen in announcement trailer. Do not judge strictly, it’s only work in progress.:slight_smile:


Looks nice, how much FPS you got so far? It looks pretty dense. And how did you get elbows to sync with the real-life arms? :slight_smile:

Almost always 90 fps on GTX 970. But we have some problematic places that need optimisation. Animations of arms is button-trigger event. No more.:slight_smile: Just several combinations.

I recommend playtesting it as much as possible. When elbows are not synced with your actual arms, it’s going to be really weird. It just feels off and breaks the experience.

I told only about animations of palm and fingers. Elbows and all rest arm work on IK system. Consequently we have of fully synced with player’s arm.

I’d like to see that actually working later on. Anyway, keep going - looks good.

Definitely looks great. However, could you tell a little more about native movement/walk system? It’s not clear for me.

Hello RGDS,

You are doing amazing work with VR Full body Awareness.Its my belief that is the only effective way to handle melee combat in First Person and is a feature I would like to achieve in my own VR Dungeon Crawl. I’m extremely interested in any and all VR Movement Techniques other than Teleporting. Please keep up the awesome work!

Thank you. I am doing my best.

Yes, I will definitely. :slight_smile:

Here was once a thread about huge robot locomotion system. We’re trying to do something like that:

Little video about the development progress Hellsplit:

Drunk zombie in VR:

HELLSPLIT: ARENA - announcement trailer


That is some really good looking project!